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It's Lunacy!

2010-08-04 09:12:20 by cfx

We filmed enough under the New Thought Pictures production (see previous post) that I was able to build up my "audio resume" a fair bit. Bailey Center (a professional actor in the other gig) passed my name along to Producer & Director Anne Welles of 2LunaticFringe Productions. And we start shooting a short film the week of August 9th!

I'm really excited to be part of this new production.

New Thought Pictures

2010-06-27 14:40:29 by cfx

Update: (Aug 4, 2010) Well, the New Thought Pictures production stopped by decision of the Director and Producer. Some really unfortunate events took place and it'll probably be next summer before I get to try making something with that crew again. We'll see how it goes.

Obsolete info

I've recently begun to work with the great guys at New Thought Pictures. I am doing on-location audio (recording stuff on the set) for our upcoming film and will be doing post-production audio and editing along with the director, producer, and composer. New Thought Pictures is an independent film production company based in Burke, VA and while we are small, we intend to make our next film big. It's not big-budget at all, but we have passionate and talented individuals to drive the project to completion. Look for it in September 2010!

Note! The above information is no longer true! See the Aug 4 update above!

A storm's a brewin'!

2009-02-25 19:41:22 by cfx

The fine folks down at Dark Realm Studios brought me back a second time to do music and audio for their newest release, Rain!

Thanks, guys! Go play, now!

My work in Bad Sector!

2009-01-06 16:07:00 by cfx

Thanks to Dan Archibald (aka Blips) for choosing me to provide the music and sound effects for Bad Sector!

I hope you all enjoy the game!

Slingshot's popularity

2007-12-28 14:45:22 by cfx

Now that's odd.

Slingshot (audio section) has around 400, 500 listens.

All my other stuff has less. Way less.

What spiked Slingshot's popularity? It doesn't seem to have been used in any flashes. At least NG's linking system hasn't said so.

I'm quite confused.


2007-10-25 18:02:24 by cfx

I yanked my stuff from splicemusic and stuffed it here in the limelight.

And lo, Full of Beefs appears in my audio section!

Older Batch of Stuff Posted

2007-10-14 12:04:27 by cfx

Thew on a couple of my older tunes onto NG, for the heck of it.

- Interim - Dragonflight
- Slingshot

That be all.

NGblog, ohnoes!

2007-08-25 15:25:42 by cfx

In the great spirit of Livej--grounds... LiveGrounds, I hereby submit my first meaningless bit of dribble into the fray.

And, because I wanted to give a treat to those of you that bothered to reach this sentence, I went in search of my "hidden box of joy" to post exclusively here... but the only thing I stumbled across was a tune that I utterly forgot to publish, created way-back in January 2007.

So, sorry for not giving you an exclusive treat, but go listen to "unsettled" now, kay? Thanks. ;)